Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Geet Geeta on Times Music Spiritual

Since the dawn of creation, the teachings of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita have been the beacon of reason through the trials and tribulations of mankind. Life often presents us with situations of conflict in which the spiritual guidance of this divine epic is a source of strength, stability and sanity.

The sermon imparted to Arjuna by Lord Krishna is as relevant today as it was on the battlefield at Kurukshetra. Geet Gita is an obeisant attempt to make it's blissful teachings appealing and accessible to one and all. 
The essence of ancient Sanskrit has been adeptly crafted into the simplicity of Hindi by accomplished poet Dr. Lokhman Gangotri, while preserving the pristine soul of this sacred text. The motivating shlokas have been voiced by Shishir Parkhie, an accomplished artiste with proficiencies in various genres of music. Blessed with a mellifluous voice and illustrious composing abilities, Shishir has made an indelible impression on the contemporary music scene. 

The divine verses of this incomparable epic have been thoughtfully translated  consciously composed and reverently rendered into uplifting melodies to create an inspiring listening experience. Geet Gita is a solemn homage to the eternal wisdom of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita and a quest to preserve it for eternity.

 Geet Geeta CD's in Mp3 format with over 5 hours of recording has been priced Rs 150/- only & released by Times Music. Now available all over.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shishir Parkhie sings for the film "A journey of Samyak Buddha" releasing on March 15, 2013.

Enlighten Motion Pictures present a feature film titled "A Journey of Samyak Buddha". Produced & Directed by Praveen Damle the film is releasing on March 15, 2013. Two songs in the film are in the voice of Shishir Parkhie. In Nagpur it can be seen at Aashirwad theatre & in Wardha at Big cinema along with other cities as well.

Playback Singer- Shishir Parkhie.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diwali Pahat- A program of Bhajans & Ghazals by Shishir Parkhie.

Bajaj Nagar Sanskrutik Wa Krida Mandal & Mahalaxmi Socio Foundation has organised a musical program 'Diwali Pahat'on 3 rd Nov 2010 at 5:30 AM.. Noted Composer & Singer Shishir Parkhie will be presenting a program of Bhajans & Ghazals on the occasion. The show has been organised at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Krida Park/ Basketball Ground, Bajaj Nagar. M.P Shri Vilasrao Muttemwar will be the chiel guest.Advocate Shri Subodh Dharmadhikari will be the special guest. Other prominent guests attending the show would be M.L.A West Nagpur Shri Devendra Fadnavis, N.M.C opposition leader Shri Vikas Thakre &  Corporator Mrs. Chhayatai Gade.The show is free & open to all .


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rashtrasant Shri Tukdoji Maharaj Bhajans by Shishir Parkhie.


Mp3 compilation of devotional songs with lyrics by Rashtrasant Shri Tukdoji Maharaj in the voice of Shishir Parkhie, Sadhana Sargam, Kavita Krishnamurti & Suresh Wadkar has been released by T-Series on the ocassion of birth centenary celebrations of the Maharaj. The birth centenary programs of are being inaugrated by the Hon President of India Smt Pratibha Patil today, 6Th Jan 2010 at Gurukunj Mozari asharam, Amravati. MRP of the Mp3 Cd Mahima Sadgurunath Ki is Rs 35/- and is available all over.

This Mp3 has a compilation of 35 tracks from the following five different albums -

1. Mahima Sadgurunath Ki

Audio Cassette Catalog Number : SHNC 01/2875
Year of release 2003, Banner T-Series

Lyrics : Rashtrasant Shri Tukdoji Maharaj
Singer and Composer : Shishir Parkhie

Later a Video CD was made with the same vocal tracks by T-Series in the year 2004.

Mahima Sadgurunath Ki - Sampoorna Gurukunj Darshan

VCD Catalog Number CDVNF 01/


1. Mangal Smaran Shlokas
Jai mangal gurudev hamare
2. Bhajan Kar Guru Maharaja Guru
3. Guredeo Daya Kar De
4. Gurudeo Hamara Pyara
5. Sadgurunath Ki Mahima Nyari
6. Guru Bhaj Bhai

Listen to the Mp3 clips of all the tracks here-


2. Tere Naam Anek Tu Ek Hi Hai

Audio Cassette Catalog Number : SHNC 01/3318
Year of release 2005
Banner : T-Series
Lyrics : Rashtrasant Shri Tukdoji Maharaj
Singer & Composer : Shishir parkhie

Tere Naam Anek Tu Ek Hi Hai VCD

Catalog Number : CDVNF 01/3911


1. Sabke Liye Khula Hai Mandir Ye Hamara
2. Guru Ka Chhota Sa Teerth Hai
3. Bharat Shandaar Ho Mera
4. Dil Man Se Gaunga Tera Bhajan
5. Gao Bhai Sab Devan Ko Sab Santan Ko
6. Sach Kaam Kia Jag Mein Jisne
7. Har Desh Mein Tu Har Bhesh Mein Tu Tere Naam Anek Tu ek Hi Hai

3. Bolo Jai Siya Ram

Audio Cassette Catalog Number : SHNC 01/2898
Banner : T-Series
Year of release : 2003
Lyrics : Rashtrasant Shri Tukdoji Maharaj.
Singer & Composer : Shishir Parkhie


1. Dasan Ki laaj Rakho Ji
2. Bhaj Bhaj Nar Ram Ram
3. Tab Hi Ramkripa Ras Paye (Choupai)
4. Ram Bhajan Sabse Pyaara
5. Ram sumir Bhaai
6. Mukh Ram Naam Le Gaao
7. Bhaj Re Hari Naam.

You can get the digital downloads of Bolo Jai Siyaram At amazon.com -


Listen to Mp3 clips of all the tracks here -




4. Hum Bharat Ki Shaan Hain

Audio Cassette Catalog Number : SHNC 01/1698
Year of release : 2000
Banner :T-Series ( Hindi- Patriotic)
Singers : Suresh Wadkar, Sadhana Sargam & Shishir Parkhie

Listen to album songs



Digital Downloads



Ladh Jayenge Badh Jayenge by Shishir Parkhie




Digital downloads


5. Prabhu Smaran

Banner T-Series

Singers : Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnamurty & others.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shirdi Sai baba devotional audio CD ' Raah Sai Ne Sachchi Dikhayee Hai' by Shishir Parkhie on T-Series.

Raah Sai Ne Sachchi Dikhayee Hai

SNCD 01- 5166

Singer & Composer

Shishir Parkhie


Dr Manoj Salpekar

Music Arranger

Shailesh Dani

Track list

1. Allah Sai ya Sairam
2. Nahi gaya khali koi
3. Mojud hai jarre jarre
4. Sai ka hi naam hai
5. Koi pukare baba
6. Raah sai ne sachchi

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